I developed the bug for travel aged 18 during a Geography A Level field trip to Iceland. It was here I fully appreciated the beauty of our planet and felt overwhelmed to see everything that I had studied in a textbook come to life right in front of me! Glaciers, waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers, thermal springs and diverging tectonic plates all in one beautiful country moving right beneath my feet.

Since then I have traveled to 33 different countries (still only 13% of our planet) and have discovered more than just geographical land forms.

February 22, 2018

For some reason, I’ve always associated Hawaii with Honeymoons and Weddings as opposed to a holiday destination. Although, after some research, I quickly realised that there was so much to experience on this Pacific Archipelago. Here are some of my highlights from my recent trip to Maui, Hawaii, which will make you re-consider these islands as a bucket list destination as well as the perfect location to say ‘I do’.

  1. Take the...

November 26, 2017

Since starting my role as a regional Environmental Advisor, I have become well practised at living out of a suitcase. My work often requires me to stay away in number of hotels across the United Kingdom – it sounds glamorous right? But I can assure you the novelty soon wears off!

One night whilst staying away with work, alone in a hotel room on the Essex coast, I started to wonder how my behaviours had changed since becoming mo...

September 12, 2017

This summer I decided to spend a bit more time exploring my own country. The U.K coastline is made up of a variety of natural features including islands, bays, headlands and peninsulas. For me, Giants Causeway located in Antrim, Northern Ireland is one of our most impressive geographical features and like many, was the main reason I wanted to visit Northern Ireland.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Nature Reserve (...

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I'm Stephanie, a passionate environmentalist and full time environment advisor with an aim to inspire others to learn more about the world around them and make some sustainable lifestyle changes.


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